Trading House HimTrest
Wholesale petrochemicals
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Wholesale petrochemicals

The main direction in the company house "HimTrest" was and is considered the most complete and objective quality supply companies that are consumers of petrochemical products.

Experts firm is constantly conducting research in the field of petrochemicals.It allows the LLC "TD HimTrest" to offer its customers only high quality, meeting all modern requirements, chemical raw materials.

We offer you professional advice of our staff, creative approach to the needs of our clients which includes:
-flexible system of discounts,
-delivery of products to their truck,
-sending container,
-releasing products from small to large volumes, and much more.
We are always happy to offer discounts on chemical raw materials to customers who turn to us again.

We are well aware that the foundation of any business is trust.So appreciate each and every customer, and would be happy to see you among our loyal customers!
We do everything possible to make our cooperation mutually beneficial.
Our energetic, reliable company appreciates the loyal customers and will be happy to establish new long-term relationship!
For us the most important value in working with clients is to build long term partnerships to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of both parties on the basis of mutual benefit.
Our advantage over other companies - this is a great experience.Formed a team of specialists, a flexible approach to customer needs, as well as the ideal balance between price and quality chemical raw materials.The most valuable qualities in our team are efficiency, professionalism and creativity.All of these qualities apply to our services in full.His regular customers we offer a flexible system of discounts on all kinds of chemical raw materials provided by our company.